The ultra-soft organic fibres significantly reduce the risks of a reaction and are kind to very sensitive and fragile skin, especially that of young children and babies...

Double-sided rounds : wide, thick, and very absorbent !

Sold in sets of 10 in an organic cotton bag that is machine washable at 40°

Organic cotton supports biodiversity and is grown with natural compost, without chemical fertilisers, synthetic pesticides, or GMOs. The quantity of water required for production is reduced by half compared to conventional cotton !

These pads also exist in a bamboo version.


French Savoir-Faire

These washable makeup remover pads are designed, cut, sewn, embroidered, and packaged in France in the best conditions within a tight-knit company...

Our traditional production methods respect European environmental standards.

The workshop is located in a low-energy-use environment with solar panels and a wind turbine.

Eeko-Tex certified

How is it different to usual cotton pads?

A washable makeup remover pad is used just like a classic cotton pad, except it doesn't end up in the bin, but in the washing machine... You can finally call your bathroom a zero-waste zone!

Lightly moisten with warm water, or with a few drops of your usual makeup remover, and simply wipe away any traces of cosmetics.