Bamboo sponge is as soft as silk and has natural anti-bacterial and anti-UV qualities that are maintained even after repeated washes !

Double-sided pad : wide and with a velvety feel...

Sold in sets of 10 in an organic cotton bag that is machine washable at 40°

Bamboo is an ecological plant that grows very quickly and without the need for any agrochemicals. It is easy to regenerate and can absorb more carbon dioxide and generate 30% more oxygen than an equivalent tree plantation.

These pads also exist in a cotton version.


French Savoir-Faire

These washable makeup remover pads are designed, cut, sewn, embroidered, and packaged in France in the best conditions within a tight-knit company...

Our traditional production methods respect European environmental standards.

The workshop is located in a low-energy-use environment with solar panels and a wind turbine.

Eeko-Tex certified

How is it different to usual cotton pads ?

A washable makeup remover pad is used just like a classic cotton pad, except it doesn't end up in the bin, but in the washing machine... You can finally call your bathroom a zero-waste zone!

Lightly moisten with warm water, or with a few drops of your usual makeup remover, and simply wipe away any traces of cosmetics.