Quelques citations…

"Et des mots et des bois, des fleurs, des hautes mousses,

Dans l'air tiède et subtil, brusquement dilaté,

S'épanouit un flot d'odeurs fortes et douces,

Plein de fièvre et de volupté."

Leconte De Lisle

 "Donne au vent un bouquet,

Cueilli sur ton visage en fleurs,

Et je respirerai l'odeur des senteurs que tu foules."


Let’s be constructive together !

Bomoi is a cooperative structure (SCOP) engaged in human values.  The economic objective of this model is to assure the sustainability of the business in gathering professional and responsible collaborators.

A demanding quality chart

BOMOÏ has selected noble raw materials very little taking advantage of in cosmetics,  to bring original and successful care !

The choice of organic agriculture gives the possibility of use for atopic skins and skins sensible for allergies, thanks to the suppression of  harmful agents.

We chose one unique packaging to give the collection a look of harmony !

The content is adapted for a maximum conservation of the product. It protects effectively the components of light and heat. The seal under the lit keeps humidity out and assures perfectly the quality of the skin care products.

The light weight removes the ecological incidents linked to transportation.

The packaging is recyclable and printed on virgin fiber.

BOMOÏ does its utmost to respect the skin and the environment !

does its utmost to respect the skin and the environment

A durable and engaged partner

The brand has selected a laboratory trader of quality raw material, respecting the specficationEcocert and Cosmébio. This French converter kept an authentic place dominant on the plains of Castres.

A second laboratory has been chosen for the manufacturing of the candle, putting to our disposition all their know how! The laboratory is in Grasse, the prestigious city of perfume from where emanate atypical scents…

These two important references of cosmetology engage to develop with us a production particularly rigorous.

The selection

The consumer finds himself lost in cosmetic products more and more consistent, that is why Bmoi has created a product line to offer the best !

To take care of your skin is also taking care of your health !