Our Ritual « Aromatic Poetry »

ventre gommage


Step N°1 : Use the Exfoliating Cream BOMOÏ on well humidified skin before taking a shower, a bath or a hammam.  This is an ideal treatment before sunbathing. It helps to eliminate the impurities, it optimizes the effectiveness of the other treatments of the BMOI line.


Step N°2 : The Soap Elixir is a cleaning emulsion with a smooth honey texture, to be used in small quantities to clean each part of the body. It is ideal for shaving and cleansing. Avoid direct contact with your eyes.






Step N°3 : Apply the Beauty masque once a week on a perfectly cleaned skin (step no. 1 and 2) let it impinge  for 10 to 15 minutes. This treatment can also be applied around the eyes.


Step N°4 : The Facial cream Milky Way shall be used in the morning and at night to hydrate and regenerate your skin. Use little points  of cream and massage  slightly your face.






Step N°5 : Use the Body balm on each part of your body that needs to be hydrated and revitalized .  The freshness of the juice of white grapefruit  and the softness of  White Lotus gives a  unique sensation !


Step N°6 : Light the Modeling Candle (while you do your toilette ) take the liquid wax with your fingertips. The melting point keeps all the active values and does not burn your fingers. You can also use the candle without lighting it, its texture permits the wax to soften in your hand and can be used easily on each body part you wish !


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