The Green Triptych

The color green stands for balance, harmony and stability. The color Green brings hope and healing for the body as well as for the spirit. Watching a green meadow, trees and plants puts your mind at rest... It joins the world of plants and nature. Green is also refreshing and reviving. Green is  rebirth, germination and youth... It’s the sign of spring! It symbolizes  abundance and being able to adapt. 

"When nature mingles…"

Discover the first collection that answers to the basic needs of the skin in only 3 steps : oxygen, cleaning and hydrating

Cream exfoliant iced green

Cream Exfoliant Iced Green

Enriched with rice powder organic(softening) fiber of bamboo (regenerating) and menthol crystals organic (antiseptic).

The exfoliate cream is adapted for the face and body. This care activates the blood circulation and regenerates the cells. Through the purifying action the skin is again hydrated ! 


Soap Elixir

Soap Elixir (fresh foam)

An innovative formula based on Avocado oil (reparing), Green Mate (detox) and essential oil of tropical basil (anti inflammatory).

Its concentrated texture consits of 9 plants. Bomoi has created a unique  soap to clean hands, face, body and even hair. It is ideal for shaving or cleansing. The elixir gives a clean and striking skin.

Modeling Candle

Modeling candle (veil herbaceous)

Bee wax , (non comedogenic) hemp oil (rich in omega) essential absinth oil (immune defense).

It is used all year round, it protects your skin, hair from the wind, the cold and the sun. You use it hot or the balm to repair, lips, feet or dry hands.

Its use is as well for sensitive skin than greasy and acne skin ! 

The White Triptych

White is a sign of purity and loyalty, innocence and revival. This color gives a cleaning action to the body and the mind. 

" A nourishing line !  "

BOMOÏ continuous its research and develops 3 new skin care products which are in synergy with its predecessor the Green Triptych.

Moon Powder  - The Mask organic

Moon Powder  - The Mask organic

This creamy treatment enriched with white clay (mat effect) Carnauba wax organic (restructuring)  Roman Camomile organic and the flower of the orange tree organic (soothing) givesthe skin a flexible and firm texture.
The masque is applied in a fine film on the cleaned skin.

Milky Way facial cream organic

Milky Way facial cream organic

A cream that privileges the action of 3 exceptional oils, grape seed oil (antioxidant) cotton oil (soothing) and sesame oil (invigorating) A mix of white flowers gives a pleasant scent.…

A daily care that looks after your skin all day !

Lake Pushkar body balm organic

Lake Pushkar body balm organic

Skin care with white grapefruit juice (rich in vitamins) Monoi milk (soothing) and a dash of organic Cist (healing).


Your mind at ease, relaxed in a bath, under a shower orlost in your dreams, BOMOI invites you for a fabulous journey…

The Blue Triptych

Blue stands for calm, peace and space. Its actions will refresh, moderate the reactions from stress. This color permits to improve communication, develop creativity. Its presents expresses interior calm  and devotion…
(to come)

The Orange Triptych

Color of movement, pleasure and joy. Orange permits to fight stagnation of energies. This color has great influence to activate vitality for the respiration and digestive system. Orange expresses enthusiasm and ambition.
(to come)

Only natural vegetal pigments have been integrated into our formulas