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A range of one-size gloves made especially for delicate and sensitive skin

Choose your wash mitt from a range of GOTS-certified textiles

(Global Organic Textile Standard) GOTS certification is the most comprehensive and consumer-credible certification system for sustainable production.

Woven with copper wire, the gloves ensure effective, enjoyable exfoliation and promote oxygen absorption for smoother skin...


Instructions for use

Rub the mitt over wet skin during your shower, or dry skin, using light circular movements (from bottom to top for better blood microcirculation)...


Linen is unquestionably the oldest fibre in the world, as the first traces of it were discovered over 36,000 years ago.

Its cultivation requires very little fertiliser and thanks to its very long roots, it does not require irrigation.

The whole plant is used, so after harvesting the soil is left clean and there are no waste products.

This hardy plant contributes to sustainable farming, with all the components of the flax plant being biodegradable!

Linen is hypoallergenic. This healthy material has a beneficial effect on skin conditions and does not cause irritations.

It is also an absorbent fabric that can absorb 20% moisture without appearing damp, and it also dries very quickly.

What's more, it doesn't pill or lose shape (the more you wash it, the softer it becomes).

The fibre provides a healthy massage that stimulates microcirculation and cleanses deeply yet gently...


This is one of the oldest agricultural textile fibres. Its history goes back 8,000 years!

Hemp is environmentally friendly because it requires very little water, grows very quickly, and requires very little fertiliser.

The fibre is very robust and anti-bacterial, which prevents odours...


One of the oldest plants known to man...

Considered a ‘weed', its farming requires very little water, no maintenance, and zero pesticides, thus allowing this plant to be used as a robust and ecological fabric.

The nettle is environmentally friendly as it grows without irrigation or fertiliser!


Specially recommended for sensitive and delicate skin (hypoallergenic, suitable for young children and people suffering from allergies and skin irritations).

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Agréable au toucher et sur la peau