The name “BOMOÏ” comes from Lingala (a Congolese dialect) meaning: “Life, Breath”

Which here translates as intelligent, living skin and haircare treatments !

The brand offers tailor-made products for all skin types and both for men and women. They are minimally processed and thus retain all the active ingredients of the carefully selected plants and flowers…


After 10 years of professional experience in the audiovisual industry, Céline Lérus, brand founder and creator of the skincare products, has refocused her career by developing a range of ecological and organic cosmetics, which are certified according to ECOCERT Greenlife and COSMEBIO standards.

These self-care products bring to life the combined heritage of her Guadeloupean grandmother, who introduced her to the virtues of plants, and of her Breton grandmother, who worked for a major perfume house.

“A passion that they naturally passed on to me… A promise that I made my own in bringing BOMOÏ to life”.


The BOMOÏ team works sustainably with committed suppliers and partners.

The laboratories we have selected are committed to meticulous production and the impeccable traceability of their ingredients.

The brand has opted for an ultra-light, recycled & recyclable container, in order to reduce its environmental impact, all while prioritising product preservation.

The Cooperative has joined forces with the TERRE DE SIENNE Group, a well-known Parisian agency in the Luxury and Beauty sector.

Strict Quality Charter

BOMOÏ has selected fine raw materials that are rarely used in the cosmetics industry in order to provide you with original and effective skincare products !

The decision to use Organic Farming methods makes the products accessible to those with atopic skin and minimises the risk of allergies, all thanks to the elimination of harmful substances.

We’ve opted for one single packaging to give coherence to the collection, all while having less of an impact on the environment !

​The container is adapted for optimum preservation of the product. It effectively protects the contents from light and temperature fluctuations.

It’s also very lightweight, which reduces the environmental impact of transportation.

The seal under the lid prevents moisture from getting in and thus preserves the quality of your products perfectly.

​The packaging is made of recycled cardboard and printed on fresh fibres.

BOMOÏ does its utmost to care for both your skin and the environment!

Our selection

Consumers are often overwhelmed by an ever-increasing choice of cosmetic products, which is why BOMOÏ has designed a concise range to offer you the very best !


BOMOÏ is a cooperative structure (SCOP) with a proven commitment to social values…

The economic objective of this model is to ensure the sustainability of the company by bringing together professional and committed partners.

Made in France

BOMOÏ carries the values ​​of FRENCH KNOW-HOW, which is why our brand has chosen to collaborate with laboratories in France !

Recognized for their high standards, our partners allow us to market a high-quality, efficient product that fully meets European and International regulations.