BOMOÏ treatments are suitable for all skin types: dry, sensitive, reactive, combination, oily and even atopic... Its color will make no difference!

One of the first beauty salons where the BOMOÏ range was established was precisely intended for mothers and future mothers... The question therefore arose as a priority! The treatments are rich in vegetable oils, butters and waxes, which considerably minimizes the risks associated with essential oils. Especially since their content is tiny in our products, in order to avoid any allergenic risks. Note that the essential oils prohibited for pregnant women are listed widely on many supports, in all cases remember to consult it before using a product. Another tip: during pregnancy, skin reactions may be more frequent, so always test in the crook of the arm before applying to the skin!

Our products are innovative nectars combining fresh, subtle and light natural fragrances with fine textures and concentrated in certified ORGANIC active ingredients. The BOMOÏ range is suitable for both men and women! Have the curiosity to discover an atypical and innovative range that has some nice surprises in store for you…

Mature skin particularly needs good nutrition in order to sufficiently protect the skin's hydrolipidic film... You will find Bamboo plant fiber (regenerating) in the Exfoliating Cream, Avocado oil (nourishing) in the Elixir Soap, beeswax (preventative anti-aging) in Divine Balm. The Milky Way Face Cream is based on donkey milk (the famous elixir of youth), the Beauty Mask is rich in Carnauba Wax. The Velvety Cream is invigorating and ultra-vitamin-rich! So many benefits for devitalized skin…

All BOMOÏ products are good for your skin, just avoid the Exfoliant while waiting for your skin to regain its full potential!

All products are suitable for your skin, because they are designed for vulnerable skin... In your case, generously apply moisturizing and nourishing products to your skin, such as: BOMOÏ Divine Balm, Milky Way Face Cream and Velvety Cream is a must! Do a little gentle cleansing with the Soap Elixir and once a week use the BOMOÏ Exfoliant and the Moon Powder Beauty Mask to regenerate the epidermis.

The BOMOÏ range is also made for you!

Know that oily skin needs hydration, so don't deprive it of this essential step for its comfort... Choose Milky Way Cream which perfectly regulates sebum.

Le Baume Divin is rich in beeswax, ideal for purifying problem skin.

The brand has been developing efficient care for more than 10 years. Atopic skin (eczema or psoriasis type) needs to be supported and relieved... The concentrated active ingredients widely present in our products will be able to act effectively! You just have to try it to judge.

BOMOÏ has created aromatic cocktails based on invigorating and fresh plants. Test the Menthol Crystals in the Ice Green Exfoliating Cream in the morning when you wake up!

Cleanse yourself with the Elixir of Soap with Aloe Vera juice, after exposure to the sun... Nourish your skin with the Divine Beeswax Balm to rehydrate it and protect it from the sun. Or the Velvety Cream rich in Grapefruit, Lotus Flower and Tiare juice to offer your skin a treatment that is both energizing and softening!

BOMOÏ has designed treatments based on vegetable oils, milks and restorative & protective waxes such as: Avocado, Sweet Almond, Beeswax or even Carnauba Wax, Donkey Milk and Monoi, without forgetting Shea butter... You are now spoiled for choice among the entire range!

BOMOÏ products are now available in cabin format (100ML).

Traveling requires a few rules, starting with:

– Limit the weight in your bag, for this our packaging is very light!

– Be selective in the choice of products you bring… With Le Triptyque BOMOÏ, you offer your skin all the essential needs with just a few products!

– Ensure that the products will withstand the humidity level in the air as well as the change in temperature. BOMOÏ treatments are therefore packaged in an airtight jar with a lid, which insulates them and protects them from light, plus they keep perfectly.

BOMOÏ has favored plant active ingredients in treatments, considerably reducing the water content... Which makes them concentrated and very effective products, providing immediate results. After the effort, all you have to do is let yourself be invaded by the scent and freshness of medicinal and antiseptic plants. The iced green Exfoliant is ideal for gently reoxygenating your skin, our Soap Elixir will eliminate toxins thanks to Green Mate, the Absinthe candle will provide you with intense hydration and strengthen your immune system. The BOMOÏ white range will bring comfort to your skin after exercise!

BOMOÏ products are used every day. During the week before going to work, during a SPA or for a pampering weekend at home... BOMOÏ treatments are practical to use and easy to take on a trip! All opportunities are good to take advantage of.

BOMOÏ has developed versatile treatments that can be used on the face, body and even hair! A short and concentrated range that can be shared as a couple or as a family (from the age of 3)... The brand responds to the logic of the 3 “Rs” for Reasonable, Reasonable and Responsible consumption on a daily basis! BOMOÏ is also a great gift idea for all occasions.

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