The BOMOÏ world

BOMOÏ offers a range of skincare products without chemical dyes or preservatives.

Only plant-based pigments are used in our formulas.

Green Range

"A little touch of nature..."

Explore the first collection to meet your skin's essential needs in just

3 key steps : Oxygenate, Cleanse and Moisturise

Green denotes balance, harmony, and stability. This hopeful colour offers great healing powers for both body and mind. The mere sight of a green meadow, trees, and plants has a soothing effect…

Justly associated with the plant world and nature, green is also refreshing and invigorating. Green represents renewal, growth, youth… It is the emblem of spring! It symbolises generosity and adaptability.

White Range

" Understated finesse..."

White is a sign of purity and loyalty, innocence and rebirth...

This colour has a cleansing effect on both the body and mind.