ANTIBACTERIAL GEL - Hand sanitizer (100ml)


Made in France according to the French Authorities' Formula

Plant-based Wheat Alcohol rich in Glycerine (moisturising)

Concentrated texture / Non-sticky / Doesn't dry out your skin !

No Essential Oils - No Perfume - No Dyes


Product Details

For quick and easy effective protection, use this antibacterial hand gel.

Practical: no need for water, soap or a towel; apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and rub it in... 30 seconds is all you need to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria!

The 100ml format is ideal to take with you wherever you go...

Antibacterial gel has become an essential, as 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted via our hands... Today, in the face of COVID 19, it’s simply a must-have!

Vegan Friendly