Shea & Arnica Balm


This Balm offers you a delicate marriage between Shea and Arnica that nourishes, soothes and repairs.

Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, Shea softens the epidermis.

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Arnica reduces the formation of bruises and facilitates their resorption.

Pot of 100 gr.

Benefits of Arnica

A mountain plant, Arnica has had renowned benefits since the Middle Ages. It facilitates the resorption of bruises and bumps and contributes more widely to muscle relaxation. It has anti-inflammatory, soothing, restorative, antioxidant properties...

In the same way as St. John's wort, Arnica is recommended for care before and after exercise!

  • Promotes circulation, reduces the formation of bruises
  • Relieves heavy legs and varicose veins, muscle pain and aches
  • Stimulates scalp circulation and promotes hair growth

Benefits of Shea

Rich in vitamins, Shea Butter nourishes, soothes and strengthens the skin & hair. This ingredient is known for its many virtues...

  • Protects, restores elasticity and facilitates the repair of the epidermis and scalp
  • Relieves and regenerates sensitive and damaged skin
  • Prepares skin for the sun and helps prolong the tan
  • Protects the epidermis from external aggressions

Butyrospermum parkii, Arnica montana*

*Ingredients from Organic Farming