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Enjoy healthier and purer water thanks to the energising powers of crystals

What you need to know about lithotherapy...

This holistic approach is based on the subtle influence that minerals can have on both a physical and spiritual level...

The various properties attributed to the stones are based on tradition and are therefore not scientifically proven. They are not a substitute for medical treatment.


Technical Details

Product length : (24.5 cm)

Product diameter : (6.5cm)

Product weight : (471g)

Volume : (550ml)

Material(s) : Stainless steel, Glass

Useful information

Directions: Fill with water or herbal tea (withstands temperatures up to 50°C max)

Benefits: Refill your bottle anywhere; ideal for taking to the office or gym! Lightweight and easy to carry.

Very practical and easy to clean: unscrews into 3 parts (cap / central container / base with stone**)

** To reap all these benefits, you can recharge it from time to time in the Sun or Moonlight...

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