Laundry Mist Ôm


La Brume de Linge Ôm is a BOMOÏ creation based on a perfume that we use in the Crème Veloutee Pushkar Lake! This 100% natural scented solution is non-overbearing and restores freshness to all your textiles (pillowcases, duvet covers, sofas, armchairs, plaids, etc.)

Remember to leave a bottle in your vehicle or at the office, its delicate note will soothe you for the day...


The Ôm linen mist diffuses an immediate intense airy fragrance and provides a relaxing atmosphere to your interior. The natural scent of White Lotus is a delicate and slightly powdery floral scent to refresh your clothes as well as your all your linens!

Fragrance notes: tender, sweet & cocooning...