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Konjac, which is also used in cooking, is a root originating from Asia. This 100% natural Konjac sponge is great for daily use : its main advantage is its particularly soft texture...

The Konjac sponge lightly exfoliates and cleanses your face to perfection !

Produced without dyes or preservatives and environmentally friendly.

Antibacterial contamination approved.


Product Details

The BOMOÏ Konjac Sponge is designed for facial use, but it can also be used for your body. It is perfect for delicate skin, removing eye make-up, applying a treatment such as the BOMOÏ Soap Elixir, or gently removing your Moon Powder Beauty Mask!

It has a shelf life of several months and is completely biodegradable!

Looking after your konjac sponge is really easy. After each use, rinse it well, preferably with lukewarm water (especially if it has been used with cosmetic products such as soap, a mask, cleansing oil, etc).Then, simply wring it out well!

For better hygiene, the sponge comes with a cord so you can hang it up in your bathroom.

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